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  3640 Lomita blvd, Ste 202,
Torrance, CA 90505
(424) 257-5118

ClearWave Remote Care

ClearWave Orthodontics now offers Remote Care to EXPEDITE your Clear Aligner treatment (Invisalign and Angel Aligners)! Remote Care provides closer monitoring of your treatment (checkup every 1-2 weeks) so we catch problems earlier and finish your treatment 6 months faster on average. It also allows you to get treatment from the convenience of your home, work, or anywhere else!

The ClearWave Remote Care is established to ENHANCE our specialty care for our patients and NOT to replace the human touch. In fact, you’ll be communicating more frequently and conveniently with Dr. Jinny and her Clinical Team via the Grin remote care platform. We will monitor the progress of your treatment every 1-2 weeks instead of the standard 6-8 weeks and make adjustments to your treatment before it goes off track. That way, your treatment will require less number of “refinements” and result in a shorter treatment time.

The ClearWave Remote Care is a wonderful option for you if you:

  • Would like to expedite your clear aligner treatment without compromising the result.
  • If you have a busy schedule and want to receive care from the comfort of your home,
  • May relocate (military family, students going off to college, traveling nurse, flight attendants, etc).
  • Live too far to visit our Torrance office more than 4-6 times a year. We have patients coming from LA, Orange, Riverside, San Diego Counties and from out-of-state. Our office is open every Saturday to accommodate patients from far away.

Patients on Remote Care will only need to visit our Torrance office 4-6 times each year for absolutely necessary procedures, such as taking X-rays and digital impression of the teeth, delivery of aligners and attachments, reshaping of the teeth (IPR), removal of attachments and delivery of retainers.

Requirements for Remote Care:

  • Treatment with Clear Aligners (Invisalign or Angel Aligners)
  • Requires 4-6 office visits per year
  • Can message on a smartphone in English or Spanish

How the ClearWave Remote Care works:

We use the Grin app, a secure, HIPAA-compliant remote care platform, to monitor your treatment progress and communicate with you every 1-2 weeks. 

When you start your clear aligner treatment, you’ll receive a Grin Scope, which you will attach to your smartphone to take quality scans of your teeth to send to Dr. Jinny, your orthodontist. It takes under 2 minutes to take a Grin Scan.